How I started to make guitars?

Jacek Śliwa

It’s never too late to start again. And so, at the age of nearly fifty, I became a luthier. For about forty years, I had been in love with music. I admired the beauty of instruments and tried to fix those that were broken or out of tune. I developed a sense of humility and a willingness simply to learn and serve.

For some, it is possible to know, even from a young age, what path they will pursue. A young entrepreneur may begin by selling stickers or lego bricks. This was not my story. For many years, I tried different things, always pursuing something creative in order to discover my passion. I wrote and played music, wrote lyrics, and ran an interiors renovations business, until eventually these various elements came together in creating instruments.

Sometimes you can see future even in little child. Little businessman will make business on lego stickers. But it is not me. After many years of working on different fields I coul discover that creating is somethig

I am not a pioneer. But I am also not a “copy and paste” man. I find myself in between. I am always looking to bring something new to the art of guitar building. I am not afraid of new challenges, but when it makes most sense, I am also not afraid to use proven and effective solutions.

I would probably have never had the courage to build custom made guitars (especially acoustic), without Lukas Brunner (http://www.brunner-guitars.com/), my mentor and now friend. Lukas has had a huge impact on my education. His great experience and ongoing support give me a great sense of safety in fields as yet unknown to me.