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I sometimes have the privilege of meeting people who are passionate about their profession. They clearly see the goal they want to achieve, and while aware of their shortcomings, continue to develop and gain the experience they need. Jacek Śliwa is one of these people, carrying out his work with the same passion and professionalism that stirs me for personal musical development. If I lived closer to Gdańsk, I would visit him more often, not only entrusting him with the care of my instruments, but also to gain a closer look at the fascinating work of guitar making.

Andrzej Hałabuda

My guitars have one luthier – Jacek Śliwa from Gdańsk. I don’t need anyone else.

PP (guitar collector)

I wholeheartedly recommend Jacek Śliwa’s guitars and work, and am lucky to own an instrument that he built. This guitar (Model 50) is simply unique.

Regarding implementation, Jacek’s workmanship and attention to detail is absolutely impressive. Thanks to his careful selection, the wood and shape of this guitar is simply beautiful. I also want to mention that the Model 50 is very comfortable and well balanced.

The sound is strong, dark and warm, and the clarity at the top and bottom extremely high. Although the instrument is not the biggest, the sound is distinct and loud.

I have held a great many acoustic and jazz guitars in my hands, built by great luthiers and guitar manufacturers throughout the world. Guitars made by Jacek Śliwa are absolutely world class in terms of both sound and performance.

I am so pleased that such high class instruments are made by a Pole, in Poland, in Gdańsk Wrzeszcz, and that I managed to get one of them.

Wojciech Kolańczyk

Dear Sir

I would like to thank you for the excellent work on my three acoustic guitars. The work on the Taylor Model No 310 involved the removal of minor damage to the head. Although the work was mainly cosmetic, it was done extremely accurately. The job on the Lowden guitar Model 010 was much more difficult because the damage was much bigger. The effect of Jacek’s work was perfect . After the repair, the damaged spot is almost invisible. In addition to the general adjustments, adjustments were made to the neck frets. All the work was marked by excellent precision and a high level of craftsmanship .

But the greatest achievement was to undertake the repair of the Lowden Model S22, a job which required a replacement faceplate. In my opinion, this work showed great courage and professional competence. None of the luthiers recommended to me by other musicians and friends were willing to take on this task, due to the risk of destroying the instrument. I will never regret my decision to entrust this job to you. The new cedar wood board helped to restore this beautiful and valuable instrument, not only to its original appearance but also to a rich and full sound. A repair was also made to the opening of the soundboard, involving professionally patching a hole in mahogany, in place of the earlier resin patches. Looks wise, the repair is as excellent as the one to the Lowden Model No 010. As part of the comprehensive service of the guitar, the neck and bridge were repaired and it was refretted as well.

Szymon Białek

After many adventures and unpleasant surprises related to the servicing of my guitars in various workshops, I can confidently say: Jacek Śliwa is the only luthier I will entrust my Lowden to. I highly recommend him.

Marcin Pospieszalski

Jacek, thank you for bringing the Fender Precision 1978 into my life! I cannot wait to test it in a concert…I send you greetings and recommend your work to other bass players.